Best Non Plastic water Bottle: Top 10 Picks

plastic free water bottle

The use of plastic bottles is increasing day by day. We all know how harmful plastic is to the human body, including the environment. You may have decided to buy a non-plastic bottle with this in mind. Choosing reusable non-plastic bottles will change your world forever. A plastic water bottle contains BPA material, which is … Read more

Can You Microwave a Hot Water Bottle? Is It Better

can hot water bottles explode

We hear a lot of questions about keeping hot water bottles and warming the beverages, or other things in a plastic bottle into the microwave. As well as we see many experts giving a lot of answers to these things. Unfortunately, the different solutions from different sources leave most users in a lot of confusion. … Read more

8 Best Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

fanny pack with 2 water bottle holder

Fanny packs with water bottle holder have emerged as one of the most useful trends in the last few years. Originally a practical bag that our dads wore, then we started ironically wearing them before we ended up fully accepting them. That’s a good thing! The best fanny pack with water bottle holder allows you … Read more

7 Best Bottle Cooler Bag Reviews

water bottle cooler bag

It is an essential item for a young parent to have a baby bottle cooler. In most cases, they can store milk for up to a day. When you’re on the go, you usually have a bottled drink with you, and ideally, you’d like to keep it cold. Nothing is more frustrating than having your … Read more