Food Calendar

We have transitioned our small kitchen to a new format where we invite in local guest chefs and food trucks. Regular and special nights will be listed here. Interested in having your Food Truck or Pop-up Kitchen at The BottleHouse? Call 216-214-2120 to book!

As always patrons are welcome to bring food in from any of their favorite local restaurants or have something delivered.

In addition to serving a small menu of BBQ sandwiches we keep a selections of snacks on hand like local beef jerky from our friends at Saucisson as well as others.

Monday 6/12 – Scott’s Fire & Ice Wood Fired Pizza
Monday 6/19 – Not Your Madre’s Tacos
Sunday 6/18 – Vegan Pop-up w. Foodhissatva
Saturday 7/15 – Not Your Madre’s Tacos