On Tap

GABF medal(updated 10/19/17)


Harvest – Wet Hop Pale Ale – 5.5%
Our second collaboration with Spice Acres, a classic Pale Ale featuring Cascade, Chinook & Columbus hops grown in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Cult Following – New England IPA – 6.7%
Full bodied, juicy, tropical IPA brewed with a plethora of wheat and oats, a British ale yeast which increases body and fruity aromas and an intense amount of whirlpool and dry hops: Mosaic, Galaxy, Denali, Citra, Chinook.

Sacrosanct – Abbey Dubbel – 8.0%
Our favorite fall ale, a dark brown, Belgian inspired beer with layers of bready, fruity malt, a complex aroma from Trappist yeast and a dry, effervescent finish.

Two Ravens – Baltic Porter – 7.0%
This dark lager is loaded with malt and chocolate flavor and has a restrained roast character, mleding the brown and robust porter styles. Named after Thought and Memory, the two birds that grace Odin’s shoulders.

Community – Pilsener – 5.0%
Our first Lager, crisp, bready malts and a refreshing hop bite provided by American Sterling and Galena. Giving back to the community that has embraced and supported us, 10% of each pint is donated to a local charity or non-profit.

Catacomb – Kellerbier – 5.5%
An unfiltered lager with a slight amber hue, brewed with Vienna and Munich malts and noble hops. Slightly stronger and darker than our Pilsner and perfect for fall.


The Reaper – Oak Aged Braggot – 14.0%
Honey, malt, caramel, vanilla, tannin, oak and a faint hint of hops. This braggot lays an immense amount of wildflower honey on a slightly sweet base of pale and caramel malts, aging on French oak staves adds balance and spice. Served still, this unique beverage bridges the gap between, mead, port and barleywine. Dont Fear.

Ritual – Syrah Grape Mead – 14.0%
This pyment is made from 50% California Syrah grapes and local wildflower honey, fermented and aged 9 months in oak barrels that previously held red wine. Fruity, semi sweet with berry and honey notes intermingling and a hint of tannin and acid to balance.

Rhapsody – Oaked Blueberry Cider – 6.9%
This cider features NY grown apples, fermented with French oak staves and sweetened with 6% blueberry juice for an easy drinking, semi-sweet treat.

Alexander – Vignoles Grape Mead – 13.3%
Light, bright, fruity, acidic, tart and oaky. Made from local wildflower and clover honeys and New York grown Vignoles grapes, fermented and aged on lees in used wine barrels. You might remember fruited versions (Gift & Folly) from past years but this is the first pure release of the base pyment.

The Mystic – Mead aged on French Oak – 13.0%
Batch 2 of our oaked traditional, same great crème brûlée aroma, balanced oak character and dry finish.

Ohio Gold –  Dry Apple Mead – 12.0%
A pure expression of apples and honey, both local to express the true terroir of Ohio. Dry and crisp with a subtle stone fruit character and a hint of tannin from time spent aging in barrels.

Opus – Oaked Cider – 6.6%
A dry, drinkable cider with a crisp apple aroma, mild acidity and just a hint of oak character from fermenting with French oak staves.


Nova – Wild Raspberry Ale w/ Brett – 6.9%
Complex but balanced, this fruity brew spent 1.5 years maturing in red wine barrels with multiple strains of brett. Purple in color with a frothy pink head, mild funk and berry mingle in the aroma and the acidity is mild but present.

Celestial Waltz – Sour Dark Saison w/ Ginger & Honey – 8.8%
This beer had a long journey from its origins. Try as we did, nothing could rush this beer along. Dissapointing tastings for two years eventually blossomed into fantastic results. Yeast, malt, dark honey, mild ginger, funky and acidity, all melded together into a truly unique and surprising sour.

Olde Toby – Old Ale w/ Brett – 10.8%
A malty, strong, toffee forward old ale aged in barrels for 2 years with the traditionally English strain, Brettanomyces Clausenii, known for its signature pineapple aroma. Medium bodied with a mild acidity and lots of aroma and flavor to sip you through an autumn night.

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We source the majority of our honey from a local farm. We do not boil our honey so that we maintain maximum flavor and aroma. We do not use sulphites, sorbates, fining agents or artificial sweeteners in our meads. They are unfilitered and given the months and years it takes to make quality mead. We make mostly dry meads because they are pleasing to our palates. We hope you enjoy them as well. 

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