On Tap

GABF medal(updated 2/11/17)


Syklist – Norwegian Pale Ale – 5.0%
A hoppy, juicy, citrusy Pale Ale brewed with a new Norwegian Farmhouse yeast strain that pushes big orange flavors to the front. Mosaic & Citra hops burst through the aroma, a small amount of oatmeal in the mash leaves a nice full body, pale malt and caramel rye give a nutty finish that balances with a restrained bitterness and big hops flavor.

Erie Coast – IPA – 7.2%
Flagship IPA which melds the coastal IPA extremes, not too bitter or dry but still packed with hops flavor and aroma. Big, juicy tropical nose from loads of Citra in the dry-hop.

Rising Star – Nitro Coffee Stout – 6.5%
Rich, velvety stout brewed with locally roasted Apocalypto and Yirgacheffe coffee plus dark malts, caramel and lactose sugar.

There Is No Quad – Quadruple – 10.0%
Strong, dark Belgian Abbey ale with a peppery, phenolic nose, flavors of dark, dried fruits, banana, burnt sugar and caramel malts. 2017 GABF Bronze Winner.

Prophet – Session Blonde – 3.8%
This light, easy drinking ale is made with pilsen and white wheat malt, delicately dry hopped with a noble French hop and fermented with a unique Belgian yeast strain that gives it it’s distinct, peachy, stonefruit aroma.

2015 Rye BA LOCKTENDER – Imperial Stout – 11.0%
Super limited, one keg only vintage of our giant imperial stout, aged for 3 years. Massive layers of dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, anise and whiskey.

Sacrosanct – Dubbel – 8.0%
This Belgian-style abbey ale is brewed with layers of roasted and caramel malts, dark Belgian candi sugar and a characterful, complex yeast. Malty, delicious and highly drinkable with aromas of dried fruit, brown sugar and bread.


The Reaper – Oak Aged Braggot – 14.0%
Honey, malt, caramel, vanilla, tannin, oak and a faint hint of hops. This braggot lays an immense amount of wildflower honey on a slightly sweet base of pale and caramel malts, aging on French oak staves adds balance and spice. Served still, this unique beverage bridges the gap between, mead, port and barleywine. Dont Fear.

Ritual – Syrah Grape Mead – 14.0%
This pyment is made from 50% California Syrah grapes and local wildflower honey, fermented and aged 9 months in oak barrels that previously held red wine. Fruity, semi sweet with berry and honey notes intermingling and a hint of tannin and acid to balance.

Chorus – Heirloom Cider – 8.4%
This complex, dry cider is made from a harmonious blend of 12 locally-grown heirloom apples, fermented slow and cool in order to preserve the apples natural fruit aroma and flavor. Well balanced with natural tannins present in the apples and with a soft acidity achieved by a spontaneous malo-lactic fermentation.

The Wanderer – Maple Mead w/ Winter Spices – 13.0%
Maple syrup and wildflower hiney from the same local farm lay the base for this winter seasonal. Aged with fresh ground nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove and anise this metheglin has a perfect balance of sweetness, character and spice.

Clairvoyant – Raspberry Mead – 6.5%
This session, sparkling mead is made from wildflower and orange blossom honeys, raspberries and Norwegian ale yeast. A light, fruity, floral and flavorful mead that will help you to see clearly.

Metropolis – Black Currant Blueberry Apple Mead w/ Spices – 14.0%
This is a modern mead. Unbound from tradition, fully embracing the creativity at the center of the 21st century mead renaissance and looking towards a limitless future. Intensely tart and flavorful currants with sweet blueberry, crisp apple, dark honey and subtle allspice and clove


Nova – Wild Raspberry Ale w/ Brett – 6.9%
Complex but balanced, this fruity brew spent 1.5 years maturing in red wine barrels with multiple strains of brett. Purple in color with a frothy pink head, mild funk and berry mingle in the aroma and the acidity is mild but present.

Dreaming of Valencia – Sour Winter Warmer w/ Valencia Orange Peel – 8.0%
We took our 2015 Snow Day and aged it in red wine barrels for two years with brett clausenii and bacteria. After maturation fresh spices and orange peel are added creating a truly one of a kind dark sour with aspects of mulled wine and bright citrus.

Golden Sour -Sour Blend #2 – 7.0%
This bright, golden ale has loads of unique, fruity brett character on the nose and complex acidity. Brewed with aged hops, wheat and oats, this blend also contains our two original sour barrels which produce excellent character due to their years of innoculation.

Oud Bruin – Sour Blend #1 – 7.3%
The first in a series where we blend from four barrels to create a harmonious balance. Tart but with some residual malt sweetness, a distinct Belgian yeast aroma and mild brett character.

Salt & Citrus – Sour Golden w/ Sea Salt & Lime Zest – 7.0%
This blend of barrel aged golden sours had salt added to enhance the beers natural minerality and lime to play out citrus notes produced by the brett and bacteria. Delicious, unique and well balanced.

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We source the majority of our honey from a local farm. We do not boil our honey so that we maintain maximum flavor and aroma. We do not use sulphites, sorbates, fining agents or artificial sweeteners in our meads. They are unfilitered and given the months and years it takes to make quality mead. We make mostly dry meads because they are pleasing to our palates. We hope you enjoy them as well. 

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