On Tap

GABF medal(updated 6/18/17)


Underestimated – IPA – 6.8%
IPA brewed with kveik farmhouse yeast from Stordahl, Norway. This gives the beer a unique fruity aroma and dry finish which we accentuate by adding a touch of rye malt to the grist and dry-hopping with Citra and BRU-1 hops.

Bike to Work – Hazy Pale Ale – 4.4%
May is National Bike Month so we brought back an updated version of our popular pale ale from the past! A sessionable abv to keep you refreshed and riding, the beer has a light body and a punchy combo of tropical and citrusy American hops.

Community – Pilsner – 5.0%
Our flagship lager takes simple, bready malts and a healthy dose of American and European Noble hops and combines them into a beer that truly anyone can enjoy!

Two Ravens at a Cafe – Coffee Porter – 5.6%
We tweaked our popular Baltic Porter to accomadate heaps of fruity single origin Kenyan coffee roasted by our friends at Rising Star. The base beer was largely unchanged but we brought the abv down a hair and used a Norwegian ale yeast instead of a lager to pair better with the coffee aromatics.

Humboldt Fog – West Coast IPA – 6.0%
Piney, dank, herbaceous and cirtusy aromas and flavors packed into a dry beer with a lighter malt profile and assertive bitterness.

Fox Devil Wild – Tripel – 8.0%
A simple bill of Pilsen malt and Horizon hops comes to life through a prolonged fermentation regiment using two unique Belgian yeast strains and a slow feeding of local clover honey. This gives this wonderful golden ale its fruity, floral aroma, light and dry body and a refreshing, drinkable finish unusual among stronger beers.

Ostara – Pale Ale – 5.0%
This light bodied, crushable but dank pale ale is fermented with the unique and fruity Stordahl Kveik strain and dry hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy and Equinox. Spring is here!

Spring Gruit – Foraged Farmhouse Ale – 6.6%
This is our very modern take on a medieval ale style, one that uses bitter herbs in place of hops. For ours we start with an amber saison and boil in mugwort, yarrow, spruce, chamomile and juniper foraged at Spice Acres in the Cuyahoga Valley, then ferment with a blend of European yeasts. Without any one of these botanicals taking the stage, the beer presents a unique herbaceous melange of flavors. 2017 GABF winner.


Concerto – Red Plum Cider – 6.2%
This semi-sweet cider takes a NY grown cider base of dessert apples and adds a touch of red plums, giving the cider a pinkish hue and slightly tart and fruity flavor.

Requiem – Red Wine Cider – 8.9%
This unique cider underwent two fermentations, first of apples with an English cider yeast and then three varieties of Great Lakes grown red wine grapes (Noiret, Frontenac, Leon Millot) are added along with our house wine yeast. The result is a complex but balanced cider with the addition of grapes adding color, fruit flavors, acid and tannin.

Alexander – White Grape Mead – 13.3%
This light pyment has an aroma of candied peach and dried flowers with a delicate and tart taste and finish. Wildflower and clover honeys cofermented with Vignoles grapes in wine barrels for a unique marriage of mead and wine.

Forgotten Lore – BBA Cherry Vanilla Mead – 13% (Available 5/12)
A rich, comtemplative mead, fermented with Montmorency cherries and wildflower honey, aged in Tom’s Foolery Bourbon barrels for 12 months with even more cherry and whoile vanilla bean. Manhattan inspired, this melomel has strong bourbon notes balanced with sweetness and acid that create a delicious and complex sipping mead.

Blood Magic – Blackberry Cherry Serrano Mead – 14% (Available 5/12
This taproom favorite layers a strong but balanced pepper heat and flavor overtop the mingled sweetness of the fruits and honey. You’ll wonder what evil pact we signed to bring forth such an addicitive melomel…


Piña – Sour Pineapple Saison – 6.0%
A wonderfully delicious blend of barrels including brett saisons aged on whole pineapples, pineapple berliner weisse and golden sour beer. Distinct saison esters mingle with brett and tropical fruit all on top of a yellow gold base that is dry, thirst quenching and screams for warm weather days!</e

Obsessive Compulsive Vampire – Sour Blackberry Stout – 7.0%
We barrel-aged this stout with a bacteria heavy but brett low combo that accentuates fruity lactic sourness without eating all the beer’s malt and body. It hits in three waves; an upfront berry and chocolate aroma, a foretaste of sourness and then a finish that is roasty and stoutlike. As the beer matures in the bottle it will evolve and take on more funk!

Idol – Sour w/ Apricot and Orange Zest – 7% (Available 5/12
A delicious and juicy sour with bursts of stone fruit and citrus on top of an almost amber base beer that is more lactic than funky. Brett should develop further over time.

Vox Maris – Sour Strong Belgian w/ Cherry – 11% (Available 5/12
Vox Maris was the first sour we ever released and were excited to have been able to recreate it! An almost quadlike base brewed with dark candi syrup ages with sour cherry in well used bourbon barrels for years before blending. Tart, complex, strong and dark.

Rex Auri – Imperial Brett Ale – 12.8% (Available 5/12
One of the most unique brews we have ever done. We took a triple IPA that was too sweet and allowed 12 different strains of brettanomyces to finish the primary fermentation in spent wine barrels. The result is the driest beer we have ever made, big boozy notes with surprising caramel undertones, reminscent of an American barleywine and less funky than would be believed.

Check out our BOTTLES page as well, if its not on tap feel free to pop a bottle to share with friends!

We source the majority of our honey from a local farm. We do not boil our honey so that we maintain maximum flavor and aroma. We do not use sulphites, sorbates, fining agents or artificial sweeteners in our meads. They are unfilitered and given the months and years it takes to make quality mead. We make mostly dry meads because they are pleasing to our palates. We hope you enjoy them as well. 

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