On Tap

GABF medal(updated 9/24/18)


Underestimated – IPA – 6.8%
Hybrid-style IPA brewed with Norwegian yeast, Citra, BRU-1 and Chinook hops provide citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Bike to Work – Pale Ale – 4.4%
A sessionable abv to keep you refreshed and riding, the beer has a light body and a punchy combo of tropical and citrusy American hops.

Community – Pilsner – 5.0%
Our flagship lager takes simple, bready malts and a healthy dose of American and European Noble hops and combines them into a beer that truly anyone can enjoy!

Two Ravens at a Cafe – Coffee Porter – 5.6%
We tweaked our popular Baltic Porter to accomadate heaps of fruity single origin Kenyan coffee roasted by our friends at Rising Star. The base beer was largely unchanged but we brought the abv down a hair and used a Norwegian ale yeast instead of a lager to pair better with the coffee aromatics.

Grisette – Session w/ Ohio Grains & Citrus – 3.0%
This unique little beer is made with equal parts Ohio grown and malted wheat, spelt and millet, giving this light beer a full bodied, rustic, grainy, nutty malt flavor and texture. Belgian yeast and a touch of lemon and orange peel round out this atypical summer ale.

Zola – Biere de Garde – 7.0%
A french inspired amber ale with toasted and bready malt notes with a dry finish.

The Prophet – Saison Brut – 4.9%
This light blonde Belgian ale is bone dry, full of flavor and low on calories! Brewed with Ohio grown Pilsener malt from Haus Malts and dry-hopped with the noble French Strisselspalt for a slight lemon and herb aroma that compliments the yeast character.

Spring Gruit – Foraged Farmhouse Ale – 6.6%
This is our very modern take on a medieval ale style, one that uses bitter herbs in place of hops. For ours we start with an amber saison and boil in mugwort, yarrow, spruce, chamomile and juniper foraged at Spice Acres in the Cuyahoga Valley, then ferment with a blend of European yeasts. Without any one of these botanicals taking the stage, the beer presents a unique herbaceous melange of flavors. 2017 GABF winner.


Aura – Session Mead – 6.5%
A light and delicate mead made from equal parts wildflower, clover and orange blossom honey. Carbonated with a touch of sweetness and acidity.

Metropolis – Black Currant Blueberry Apple Mead w/ Spices – 15.5%
This is a modern mead. Unbound from tradition, fully embracing the creativity at the center of the 21st century mead renaissance and looking towards a limitless future. Intensely tart and flavorful currants with sweet blueberry, crisp apple, dark honey and subtle allspice and clove

Ritual – Syrah Mead w/ French Oak – 14%
This pyment is made from 50% California Syrah grapes and local wildflower honey, fermented in stainless steel with toasted oak staves added. Fruity, semi sweet with berry and honey notes intermingling and a hint of tannin and acid to balance.

Alexander – White Grape Mead aged in Wine Barrels – 13.3%
Made with NY grown Vignoles grapes, fermented and aged in barrels, this pyment is light and dry with subtle peach notes.

Ceremony – Coffee Mead – 15.0%
A stonger, semi-sweet mead made from Ohio Wildflower honey and Sumatran and Burundian coffess roasted by Rising Star.


Olde Toby – Old Ale w/ Brett – 10.8%
Strong, malty ale aged 2 years with the English yeast strain Brettanomyces Clausenii. Fruity, funky notes; the finest sour ale in the South Farthing.

Obsessive Compulsive Vampire – Sour Blackberry Stout – 7.0%
We barrel-aged this stout with a bacteria heavy but brett low combo that accentuates fruity lactic sourness without eating all the beer’s malt and body. It hits in three waves; an upfront berry and chocolate aroma, a foretaste of sourness and then a finish that is roasty and stoutlike. As the beer matures in the bottle it will evolve and take on more funk!

Idol – Sour w/ Apricot and Orange Zest – 7.0% 
A delicious and juicy sour with bursts of stone fruit and citrus on top of an almost amber base beer that is more lactic than funky. Brett should develop further over time.

Sour Grapes – Still Sour w/ White & Red Wine Grapes – 8.0%
This pale sour had Niagara grapes in primary fermentation as well as aging for 2.5 years in a wine barrel with additional Gewurztraminer and Leon Millet grapes. Complex brett on the nose, vinous in character, served still and reminiscent of certai orange wine.

Vox Maris – Sour Strong Belgian w/ Cherry – 11% 
Vox Maris was the first sour we ever released and were excited to have been able to recreate it! An almost quadlike base brewed with dark candi syrup ages with sour cherry in well used bourbon barrels for years before blending. Tart, complex, strong and dark.

Rex Auri – Imperial Brett Ale – 12.8% 
One of the most unique brews we have ever done. We took a triple IPA that was too sweet and allowed 12 different strains of brettanomyces to finish the primary fermentation in spent wine barrels. The result is the driest beer we have ever made, big boozy notes with surprising caramel undertones, reminscent of an American barleywine and less funky than would be believed.

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