On Tap

GABF medal(updated 4/18/17)


Underestimated – IPA – 6.8%
IPA brewed with kveik farmhouse yeast from Stordahl, Norway. This gives the beer a unique fruity aroma and dry finish which we accentuate by adding a touch of rye malt to the grist and dry-hopping with Citra and BRU-1 hops.

Fox Devil Wild – Tripel – 8.0%
A simple bill of Pilsen malt and Horizon hops comes to life through a prolonged fermentation regiment using two unique Belgian yeast strains and a slow feeding of local clover honey. This gives this wonderful golden ale its fruity, floral aroma, light and dry body and a refreshing, drinkable finish unusual among stronger beers.

Sacrosanct – Dubbel – 8.0%
This Belgian-style abbey ale is brewed with layers of roasted and caramel malts, dark Belgian candi sugar and a characterful, complex yeast. Malty, delicious and highly drinkable with aromas of dried fruit, brown sugar and bread.

Two Ravens – Baltic Porter – 7.0%
This dark lager is loaded with malt and chocolate flavor and has a restrained roast character, melding the brown and robust porter styles. Named after Thought and Memory, the two birds that grace Odin’s shoulders.

There Is No Quad – Quadruple – 10.0%
Strong, dark Belgian Abbey ale with a peppery, phenolic nose, flavors of dark, dried fruits, banana, burnt sugar and caramel malts. 2017 GABF Bronze Winner.

Community – Pilsner – 5.0%
Our flagship lager takes simple, bready malts and a healthy dose of American and European Noble hops and combines them into a beer that truly anyone can enjoy!

Catacomb – Vienna Lager – 6.0%
Malty amber lager that finishes crisp and dry. Bready notes with the slightest touch of caramel balanced by German hops. Named after that one time the Locktender boys got trapped underneath a 14th Century Viennese cathedral.


The Reaper – Oak Aged Braggot – 14.0%
Honey, malt, caramel, vanilla, tannin, oak and a faint hint of hops. This braggot lays an immense amount of wildflower honey on a slightly sweet base of pale and caramel malts, aging on French oak staves adds balance and spice. Served still, this unique beverage bridges the gap between, mead, port and barleywine. Dont Fear. 2018 Mazer Cup Silver.

Transmission – Coffee Mead – 14.0%
These are the prototype batches for a new mead that will be coming later in 2018. We made four identical batches and used different single origin coffees from our friends at Rising Star to make sure we had the best blend. First up is Sumatran, smooth coffee notes mix with honey and a juicy, tangerine like citrus taste, perfectly balanced acidity and no bitterness from a cool extraction.

Chorus – Heirloom Cider – 8.4%
This complex, dry cider is made from a harmonious blend of 12 locally-grown heirloom apples, fermented slow and cool in order to preserve the apples natural fruit aroma and flavor. Well balanced with natural tannins present in the apples and with a soft acidity achieved by a spontaneous malo-lactic fermentation.

Alexander – White Grape Mead – 13.3%
This light pyment has an aroma of candied peach and dried flowers with a delicate and tart taste and finish. Wildflower and clover honeys cofermented with Vignoles grapes in wine barrels for a unique marriage of mead and wine.

Requiem – Red Wine Cider – 8.9%
This unique cider underwent two fermentations, first of apples with an English cider yeast and then three varieties of Great Lakes grown red wine grapes (Noiret, Frontenac, Leon Millot) are added along with our house wine yeast. The result is a complex but balanced cider with the addition of grapes adding color, fruit flavors, acid and tannin.

The Mystic – Oaked Wildflower Mead – 13.0%
A light and dry mead made from 100% local wildflower honey and aged on toasted French oak for one year. The floral honey sits underneath aromas of vanilla, wood and burnt sugar extracted along with tannins from the extended oak aging.


Nova – Wild Raspberry Ale w/ Brett – 6.9%
Complex but balanced, this fruity brew spent 1.5 years maturing in red wine barrels with multiple strains of brett. Purple in color with a frothy pink head, mild funk and berry mingle in the aroma and the acidity is mild but present.

Olde Toby – Olde Ale w/ Brett – 10.8%
This strong malty ale was inspired by cask aged British beers that take on character over time from brettanomyces clausenii, a wild yeast that adds a distinct fruity character, less funky than its continental cousin. Aged 2 years in well used wine barrels, this beer retains a bit of its toffee like malt sweetness mingled with mellow acidity and almost tropical fruitiness.

Golden Sour -Sour Blend #2 – 7.0%
This bright, golden ale has loads of unique, fruity, funky brett character on the nose and complex acidity. Brewed with aged hops, wheat and oats, this blend also contains our two original sour barrels which produce excellent character due to their years of innoculation.

Oud Bruin – Sour Blend #1 – 7.3%
The first in a series where we blend from four barrels to create a harmonious balance. Tart but with some residual malt sweetness, a distinct Belgian yeast aroma and mild brett character.

Piña – Sour Pineapple Saison – 6.0%
A wonderfully delicious blend of barrels including brett saisons aged on whole pineapples, pineapple berliner weisse and golden sour beer. Distinct saison esters mingle with brett and tropical fruit all on top of a yellow gold base that is dry, thirst quenching and screams for warm weather days!

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We source the majority of our honey from a local farm. We do not boil our honey so that we maintain maximum flavor and aroma. We do not use sulphites, sorbates, fining agents or artificial sweeteners in our meads. They are unfilitered and given the months and years it takes to make quality mead. We make mostly dry meads because they are pleasing to our palates. We hope you enjoy them as well. 

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