On Tap

(updated 6/8/17)


Syklist – Pale Ale – 5.0%
A hoppy, juicy, citrusy Pale Ale brewed with a new Norwegian Farmhouse yeast strain that pushes big orange flavors to the front. Mosaic & Citra hops burst through the aroma, a small amount of oatmeal in the mash leaves a nice full body, pale malt and caramel rye give a nutty finish that balances with a restrained bitterness and big hops flavor.

Erie Coast – IPA – 7.2%
Flagship IPA which melds the coastal IPA extremes, not too bitter or dry but still packed with hops flavor and aroma. Big, juicy tropical nose from loads of Citra in the dry-hop.

Zero Mile – Smoked Rye Wheat Lager – 4.5%
Strike out with this full bodied session Lager! Brewed with equal parts smoked, rye and wheat malt, it has a soft, cereal start and spicy grainy finish. Lots of smoke up front and hops on the back end from a genereous heaping of Strisselspalt!

Rising Star – Nitro Coffee Stout – 6.5%
Rich, velvety stout brewed with locally roasted Apocalypto and Yirgacheffe coffee plus a hint of oatmeal and lactose sugar.

Spring Gruit – Farmhouse Gruit w/ Herbs & Spruce – 5.5%
This amber saison was brewed in collaboration with Spice Acres and features ingredients foraged from their farm. Flavored and bittered with mugwort, yarrow, bayberry, spruce and pine tips, this uniquely refreshing brew has an aroma full of fruit, spruce and herbs with gentle contributions from a blend of three yeast strains.

Humboldt Fog – West Coast IPA – 6.0%
Classic West Coast IPA, hopped extensively (100 ibus!) with Columbus, Centennial and Chinook. Big, dank, resinous aroma full of pine and grapefruit.

La Tentadora – Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoked Stout w/ Cherries & Spanish Smoked Paprika – 9%
Complex layers of cocoa, oak, dark fruit, smoke and spice roll through this unique Imperial Stout. Give in to temptation!

Community – Pilsner – 5.0%
Our first Lager, crisp, bready malts and a refreshing hop bite provided by American Sterling and Cluster. Giving back to the community that has embraced and supported us, 10% of each pint is donated to a local charity or non-profit.


The Reaper – Oak Aged Braggot – 14.0%
Honey, malt, caramel, vanilla, tannin, oak and a faint hint of hops. This braggot lays an immense amount of wildflower honey on a slightly sweet base of pale and caramel malts, aging on French oak staves adds balance and spice. Dont Fear.

Blood Magic – Blackberry Cherry Serrano Mead – 15.0%
This foreboding melomel summons forth and ties together alluring sweetness, delicate acidity and a piquant heat. Dark wildflower honey, Marion blackberries, black cherries and ripe serrano peppers, all fermented together and aged for one year. A truly unique drinking ritual.

Nocturne – Black Currant Cider – 7.3%
This deep purple cider is refermented with 10% black currant juice to create a wine-like, jammy, berry forward cider with lots of tartness and fruit flavor.

Forgotten Lore – Bourbon Barrel aged Cherry Vanilla Mead – 14.0%
Aged one year in Tom’s Foolery Bourbon Barrels, this dark, contemplative and rich mead has layers of oak, fruit, whiskey and honey. Full mouthfeel, slow cascading legs and an off dry finish punctuated with vanilla and cherry.

The Acolyte – Session Mead – 6.5%
Made from local wildflower and Florida orange blossom honey, this slightly sparkling mead is a great introduction to mead. Light floral honey and delicate citrus notes.

EARTHTAKER – Cosmically Dark Braggot – 15.6%
A small batch experiment, this mead takes a base imperial stout and referments in oak barrels with a massive amount of buckwheat honey and wine yeast. The result is a huge, rich, toffee, marshmallow forward mead that will drive you mad. Extra Limited!

Opus – Oaked Cider – 6.6%
A dry, drinkable cider with a crisp apple aroma, mild acidity and just a hint of character from fermenting with French oak staves.

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We source the majority of our honey from a local farm. We do not boil our honey so that we maintain maximum flavor and aroma. We do not use sulphites, sorbates, fining agents or artificial sweeteners in our meads. They are unfilitered and given the months and years it takes to make quality mead. We make mostly dry meads because they are pleasing to our palates. We hope you enjoy them as well. 

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