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How do you tell which spray bottles will do the best job and which ones you should discard when you’re using cleaning and household products? There are several aspects to consider the best spray bottle, including fit, durability, and adjustability. Whenever you select a spray bottle, you must choose one that is adequate to hold the liquid you intend to use, that is adjustable, and that is strong enough to handle the chemical you plan to use.

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Spray Bottle Buying Guide


Many different sizes of plastic spray bottles are available from 8 ounces up to 32 ounces. It depends on your primary use to determine what size is right for you. Do you use the spray bottle for heavy-duty cleaning? Choosing one that’s larger will probably be best. Are you looking for a product that will moisten your clothes while you are ironing? It should be enough to take eight ounces.


Each plastic has its own properties. It is important to choose a spray bottle that is made from brightly colored plastic that can stand up to any chemicals you will be using. There are several options available to you on the market if all you need is water. You need to make sure the plastic bottle is chemically resistant if you plan to put bleach or corrosive chemicals in it.


A component worth considering is the ability to adjust the nozzle. Is it more important to have a targeted stream or a mist that is fine and finer? Perhaps switching between the two would be beneficial? It is important to consider the flow rate of the spray stream when choosing a spray bottle.

Best Spray Bottle FAQs

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Can you use a spray bottle to paint?

Plastic spray bottles can be used for painting, as long as the paint inside is thin enough to fit through the spraying mechanism. It’s likely that you’ll want to thin acrylic paints with water because water-based paints have a perfect consistency.

Can you use oil in a spray bottle?

Using the bottles on this list, you can create your own oil-based cooking spray without any chemicals or propellants. If the oil is still in the bottle after a couple of weeks, clean it well and discard it.

Why do plastic spray bottles stop working?

Over-tightening or clogged spray bottles cause plastic spray bottles to stop working. You can loosen the nozzle of your bottle a little if it stops working. Remove the cap and soak the bottle in alcohol to clear any clogs if it doesn’t, or rinse the bottle with hot water.

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Final Thought

Choosing the right one, however, is a challenge. In the beginning, size matters. If the container is too small, you’ll keep mixing up solutions. It becomes unwieldy if it is too big. Although there are many plastic bottles available, glass bottles are often preferred due to their resistance to chemicals and corrosion. I think this article will help you to choose the best spray bottle.  

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