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best wide mouth glass water bottle

The 6 Best Wide Mouth Water Bottles in 2022

When it comes to buying a water bottle to store your water and stay hydrated, there are lots of options available out there. People get confused with which one to buy.  

For me, when I’m going to buy a water bottle I always look for a wide mouth water bottle. The reason behind this is wide mouth bottles are easy to clean and you can put ice cubes, fruit slices, and many things inside the bottle without any hitch. Most importantly, they’re easy to fill. 

So, today I’ve picked the best wide-mouth water bottles in this post. In the following section, I’ll try to thoroughly discuss them and it’ll let you decide which one to buy.

I’ve already done my research and shortlisted the 6 best wide mouth water bottle. Maybe one of them can be your hydrating partner.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump into the main section. Shall we?

What are the Benefits of a Wide Mouth Water Bottle?

If you have a wide-mouth water bottle, it’ll bring some benefits to you. Let’s check them out.

Easy to Clean

A wide-mouth bottle allows you to clean the bottle thoroughly. You don’t have to struggle while cleaning them because accessing inside the bottle through its wide mouth is super easy. 

As a result, you can make sure that there are no germs and dirt inside the bottle. 

Easy to Refill

If you’re into outdoor activities, the wide mouth of the bottle helps you to collect water from different sources. Also, you can easily transfer water from one bottle to another.

Allows You to Add Different Things 

If you love to drink cold water in the scorching heat of summer, wide-mouth water bottles are ready to serve you. You can add ice cubes effortlessly to your water bottle if it has a wide mouth. Also, herbs, powder and food slices can be added without any hitch.  

Best Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Here’s the list of the 6 best water bottles with a wide mouth. So, let’s check them out. 

1. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle - Wide Mouth with 3 Spout Lids - Stainless Steel Gym & Outdoor Bottles for Men, Women & Kids - Double Walled, Insulated Thermos, Metal Canteen - Aquamarine, 14 Oz

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is one of the best bottles I’ve ever seen. You’ll find so many features in this bottle which is truly amazing.

Starting off with the building quality, this bottle is made from stainless steel and the exterior has a powder-coated classic finish. Most importantly, this bottle is durable enough to last a long time.

Why We Choose It

On top of that, this bottle is free from toxic components and completely safe for you. Also, you won’t find any rusty or metallic smell in this bottle. 

The bottle comes with 3 leak-proof lids including a carabiner lid (which has 2 straws), a flip lid, and a stainless steel lid. However, the stainless steel lid has plastic inside and the outside is made up of stainless steel.

The best thing about this bottle is its double-wall insulation which keeps this bottle sweat-free. Moreover, this insulation feature helps you to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.

Lastly, this bottle isn’t dishwasher safe which means you’ve to hand-wash it. Worry not, the wide mouth of the bottle makes it pretty easy to clean. Also, you can put ice cubes in this bottle through its wide mouth.

Key Features

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Leakproof
  • Durable 
  • Double-wall insulation
  • Wide mouth opening

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2. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

Hydro Flask 24 oz Wide Mouth Straw Lid Black

Hydro Flask is one of the best wide-mouth stainless steel bottles available out there. Trust me, from its building quality to insulation, everything will satisfy you.

Why We Choose It

This bottle is made up of 18/8 high-quality stainless steel which makes it durable enough to live longer. Moreover, the powder coating on its exterior prevents color fading no matter where you take this bottle. 

This coating also provides a good grip which means you don’t need to worry about slipping off the bottle from your hand.

The best part is it’s completely free from any toxic components like BPA and Phthalates which makes it safe for you and your kids.

The wide mouth of the bottle allows you to put ice cubes and fruit slices during the hot summer days or while working out. Also, the wide mouth makes this bottle easy to clean. However, you can clean this bottle by simply throwing it into your dishwasher.

Most importantly, this bottle and the lid both are insulated. The bottle is equipped with TempShield️ technology which provides double-wall vacuum insulation and keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for around 12 hours.

On the other hand, the Honeycomb insulation inside the lid controls the additional temperature. However, the lid isn’t leakproof which may lead to water leakage. 

 Key Features

  • Built with stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • Insulated bottle and lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in 3 different sizes

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3. Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Nalgene is a very well-known brand when it comes to buying a plastic water bottle. That’s why I’ve picked this Nalgene water bottle on this list.

Why We Love It

Nalgene bottles are made from 100% BPA-free safe plastics which are completely safe for you. The interesting fact is waste materials are used to make this bottle.

This bottle comes with a wide mouth which allows you to fill this bottle effortlessly. On top of that, the wide opening makes this bottle easy to clean. You can also clean this bottle in your dishwasher. 

Moreover, the bottle is leakproof which makes it convenient to use both indoors and outdoors. Also, this bottle is designed to resist shock which means if you accidentally drop this bottle, it’s less likely to be shattered.

This bottle is a great solution for carrying water wherever you go. The carrying loop lets you clip the bottle with your bag. 

Also, if you’re into outdoor activities like hiking or camping, you can use this bottle to store your water without any problem. 

The screw-top lid secures your water inside the bottle, prevents leakage, and makes sure no dirt or germs can get in. 

Key Features

  • Holds up to 32oz water
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Different color variants
  • BPA free
  • Leakproof 

4. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle - 32oz Large - Fast Flow, Flip Top Leak Proof Lid - Non-Toxic BPA Free - Safe & Eco-Friendly - Quart (1L) - No Straw, Clear with Strap and Filter - Gym & Workout Ready

This bottle from Embrava is a great option if you are into sports and looking for a bottle to take with you to the gym or field.

Why We Love It

The bottle is made from high-quality BPA-free Tritan plastic which is safe for your health. Also, this bottle keeps the taste of your drink intact as if it were a glass bottle. If we look at the design of this bottle, it features an ergonomic design and has a stylish look.

Most importantly, this bottle is shock resistant which makes this bottle durable. In case, if it drops from your hand, hopefully, it won’t shatter into pieces. 

During a tough workout session, this bottle allows you to drink more water quickly. The lid opens with just one click and flows the water fast. 

On top of that, you can add ice cubes and supplements to your drink through its wide mouth. The wide opening also makes this bottle easy to clean. However, you can’t wash this bottle in your dishwasher. 

The lid is leakproof which makes this bottle convenient to carry wherever you go. Also, the dustproof lid makes sure no germs or dust gets in your drink. 

Key Features

  • Made from Tritan plastic
  • BPA free
  • Shock resistant
  • Leakproof
  • Dustproof
  • Fast water flow

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5. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle 

Lifefactory 22-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Classic Cap and Protective Silicone Sleeve, Teal Lake

On this list, I’ve already shown you a couple of plastic and stainless steel water bottles with wide mouths. This time I’ve brought a wide-mouth glass water bottle from Lifefactory. 

Why We Love It

The Lifefactory bottle is made from premium quality glass in France which provides a pure taste of your drink. Moreover, due to its glass built, the bottle offers an odor-free and stain-free drinking experience. 

On top of that, this bottle is built with BPA-free components which makes it safe for you and your baby. However, if you think a glass bottle gets broken easily, worry not. The silicone sleeve protects this bottle and provides a better grip so that the bottle won’t slip from your hand.

This bottle comes in 4 different sizes and has an interchangeable lid that fits in other different-sized Lifefactory bottles as well.

Moreover, the wide mouth shape makes this bottle ideal for juices and smoothies. If you want to add ice cubes or fruit slices, you can do that as well.

The lid seals the bottle properly and prevents leakage. However, you should screw the lid tightly otherwise it’ll leak.

Lastly, all parts of this bottle are dishwasher safe. In fact, you don’t need to remove the silicone sleeve before throwing the bottle in your dishwasher. 

Key Features

  • Glass made
  • Premium quality
  • Comes with a silicone sleeve
  • Available in 4 sizes and different colors
  • Dishwasher safe

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6. Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marker

Hydracy 32 oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker, 1 Liter Water Jug, Reusable Gym Water Bottle With Strap, Leak Proof Chug Lid, Bike Bottle with Fruit Infusion Strainer, Ideal Gift

Hydracy water bottle could be a partner of yours when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated. The Hydracy bottle comes with great quality and is made up of BPA-free Tritan plastic. 

Why We Love It

The bottle is durable and shatterproof, so if you drop it from your hand it won’t break and you can use it for longer periods of time.

Moreover, the spill-proof lid prevents water leakage from this bottle and makes this bottle leak-proof. There’s no need to worry about a messy situation.

The best part about this bottle is it comes with time marking printed on its exterior. The time marking will tell you when to take the next sip and you won’t forget to drink. 

On top of that, the leakproof and shatterproof features make this bottle perfect for outdoor uses. However, you can use this bottle in your office or home as well. 

Most importantly this bottle comes with a neoprene sleeve which protects the bottle and prevents sweating. Also, the wide mouth and fruit infuser strainer will help you to add ice cubes or fruit slices to this bottle and make your drink even more interesting.

Lastly, you don’t have to face too many hassles when it comes to cleaning this bottle. Thanks to its wide mouth!

Key Features

  • Leakproof
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a neoprene sleeve and strainer
  • Time marking

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How to Choose the Best Wide Mouth Water Bottle?

best wide mouth water bottle

Buying a water bottle isn’t a big deal, is it? Well, in case you want to take it as an investment, the scenario will be different. You need to consider a few characteristics that make a bottle truly outstanding. 


There are usually 3 types of materials used in constructing a bottle- glass, stainless steel, and plastic.

If you ask me which one is the best, I’d definitely say the glass bottles, then comes stainless steel bottles and lastly plastic bottles.

However, glass bottles are vulnerable and get broken if you drop them from your hand. On the other hand, stainless steel bottles are the most durable. 

The plastic bottles won’t get shattered like glass bottles. To ensure that you need shatterproof or impact-resistant plastic water bottles. Also, if you buy a glass bottle make sure it comes with a protective sleeve.


When you’re buying a water bottle whether it’s made from glass or plastic, make sure they’re free from toxic components like BPA, phthalates, and others. These chemicals are harmful to your health and can lead to severe health problems in the long run. 

Size and Shape

As I always say, only you can determine the right size of the bottle for you. If you drink a lot of water, you’re supposed to need a big bottle. Similarly, if you’ve no issue refilling your bottle frequently, a small one will work well.

The shape depends on your preference as well. If you carry your bottle in your backpack, you need a slim and lightweight bottle that won’t consume extra space and weigh much. 


The lid plays a vital role in your bottle. It seals the bottle securely and makes sure the water won’t leak out. Also, the lid can prevent dirt and germs from going inside the bottle. 

If the lid can’t seal the bottle properly, it’ll cause a seriously messy situation and perhaps your safe water won’t be healthy for you anymore if the germs and dust get in. 

So, before buying a bottle make sure the lid is leak-proof and dustproof. 


The straw allows you to sip from your bottle conveniently. If you’re driving or playing, a fast-flowing straw will let you drink more water faster. 

Moreover, when you’re buying a bottle you should keep in mind a couple of things. Firstly, the straw should open up fast and it should flow faster so that you can get more water in less time. 


Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold in insulated bottles. So, you’ve already realized how important insulated bottles are when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your drink. 

There are 2 types of insulation available out there- single wall insulation and double-wall insulation. 

Double-wall insulated bottles are more efficient and do their job perfectly. However, these bottles weigh more than the single wall insulated bottles. On the other hand, single wall insulated bottles are not as good as double-wall insulated bottles but they weigh lighter. 

The Final Thoughts

In this article, I’ve tried to show you the 6 best wide mouth bottle that you can buy to store your water. You already know the perks of wide-mouth bottles- they’re easy to clean, refill, and so on.

If you haven’t found the right wide-mouth water bottle for you yet, I hope this article will enlighten you and help you to choose the right one. Don’t forget to let me know which one you’ve chosen. 

Always keep yourself hydrated. Adios!

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