Best Half Gallon Water Bottle: Top 8 Picks in 2021

No matter if you’re an athlete trying to stay in top condition or a regular Joe dehydrated all day long, a half gallon bottle of water is a great way to keep hydrated. You can drink enough water in half gallon containers to last you all day, eliminating trips to refill them and encouraging you to drink more water. 

It is important to remember that your body loses fluid even when you are not thirsty through respiration, sweating and evaporation. By keeping an easily accessible half gallon water bottle on you at all times, will also encourage you to drink more water as you will have no excuse to opt for a coffee or energy drink on a busy day.

Getting a half gallon water bottle is a great way to reduce global waste and promote healthy hydration. The following are the best half gallon water bottles that we recommend.

Editors Picks: 5 Best Half Gallon Water Bottle

8 Best Half Gallon Water Bottle Reviews

1. Simple Modern Half Gallon Insulated Water Bottle

Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid Large Half Gallon Reusable Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Flask Thermos, 64oz (1.9L), Blush

Introducing the most popular Simple Modern half gallon water bottle, which comes with so many advanced technology and advantage features. Firstly, it is made with durable food-grade 18/8 stainless steel materials coated in a durable finish, which is highly resistant so that you can be sure of long-term use. Being completely BPA-free, you can ensure the safety of your drinking water.

Vacuum insulation is one of the best advanced features, which keeps your cold water cool for long hours. Also, no matter what temperature your water is inside the bottle, its impact will not come outside the bottle. Its summit straw lid has an entirely leak-proof design, so you don’t worry about accidentally leaking water.

Its stylish design enhances the beauty of the bottle and helps you to hold it comfortably. It also comes in different sizes and different modern colors options; you can choose as your choice. Though it is very easy to clean, it has a cons side: it is not dishwasher safe.

Highlight Features

  • Leak-proof design
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Various sizes and colors option
  • Completely BPA free and FDA approved
  • Made with durable food-safe 18/8 stainless steel.

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2. Fidus Large Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

Fidus Large Half Gallon/64OZ Motivational Water Bottle with Paracord Handle & Removable Straw - BPA Free Leakproof Water Jug with Time Marker to Ensure You Drink Enough Water Daily

There are many who love to see their everyday usable things a little different looking; if you are one of them, then Fidus motivational half gallon water bottle is for you. It is a slightly different concept from regular water bottles; because it comes with various inspirational quotes designed by labeling it. It is a perfect choice, to motivate work, especially for those who are work out, try to continue habit drinking water regularly, or are going to do a challenging task.

It is made of eco-friendly reusable tritan plastic, which is wholly BPA-free and food-grade so that you can be safe with its quality. Many people are in a lot of trouble with the new plastic water bottle smell. The good news for them is that it is completely odor-free, and you don’t need to search online how to remove the smell from plastic water bottles.

Another advantage of this is that it comes with a two-way water bottle that allows you to use it both with straw and without straw. It has a stylish detachable paracord handle which is made with durable quality ropes to carry it comfortably. Its cleaning process is much easier, but like our previous pick, one of its opposing sides is that it is not dishwasher safe.

Highlight Features

  • Two-way usable water bottle
  • Leak-proof and wide mouth design
  • Made with eco-friendly reusable tritan plastic
  • Stylish and comfortable detachable paracord handle for easy carry.

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3. Venture Large Half Gallon Time Marker Water Bottle with Straw

Venture Pal Large Half Gallon/64oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw,Leakproof Tritan BPA Free Water Jug,Ensure You Drink Enough Water Daily for Fitness,Gym,Sports-Ombre Gray Black

The Venture half gallon water bottle comes with all upgraded features. It is another motivational quote printed bottle, which is designed with time markers so that you do not forget to drink water properly every hour of the day.

It is designed with eco-friendly tritan co polyester plastic, which is ultimately odor-free. It also has a simple hand click button with a pipette mouth added so that you can drink water safely without touching the mouth area, its body does not slip due to skid grip, and it has a durable handle to carry comfortably. 

Its lid is fitted with silicon sealing, which makes it completely leak-proof. As well as being completely BPA-free, you can drink healthy water in daily life. When using it, keep in mind that it is not hot liquid and dishwasher friendly.

Highlight Features

  • 100% leak proof
  • Completely odor and BPA free
  • Durable handle to carry comfortably.
  • Time marker and motivational quote printed bottle
  • Constructed with eco-friendly tritan co polyester plastic

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4. Flimibuke Time Marker Half Gallon Water Bottle for Women and Men

64 OZ/Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw - BPA Free Leakproof Tritan Frosted Plastic Big 2L Water Bottle for Women Men Large Water Jug for Fitness Gym Outdoor Sport

Are you looking for water bottles with labeled time markers and inspirational quotes to take to your fitness gym or outdoor sports? Well, then you can see our selected Flimibuke half gallon water bottle, which will make you more active and motivate you for time to time drink water.

The great feature is that it comes with multiple vibrant colors so that you can choose the color of your choice. It is made with high-quality thick food-grade BPA-free tritan plastic materials, which are completely odor-free. It has an upgraded leak-proof cap that can be easily opened and locked dust-proof straw cover.

Also, its mouth size is huge; on the one hand, it fits things like fruits, ice cubes; on the other hand, it can be easily cleaned. Its durable plastic handle helps you to carry easily. However, in the field of cleaning, keep in mind that it is only handed washable.

Highlight Features

  • Upgraded leak-proof cap
  • Dust-proof straw cover
  • Large mouth, easy to clean
  • BPA free, odor-free, and high-quality thick bottle
  • Made with food-grade tritan materials

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5. ADOLPH Half Gallon Water Bottle

ADOLPH Large Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with 2 Lids (Chug and Straw), Leakproof BPA Free Tritan Sports Water Jug with Time Marker to Ensure You Drink Enough Water Throughout The Day

ADOLPH is a great half-gallon water bottle that comes with an easy carry strap and anti-skid handle, which helps to carry easily. The bottle also has a time marker to ensure you are drinking enough water in your daily life and a unique quote to motivate you.

A unique advantage is that it comes with two replaceable lids, one is a straw lid, and the other is a flip-top lid, which helps you to drink water in a different way. As both lids are leakage-proof, there is no chance of leakage while drinking water. It is made with eco-friendly food-grade reusable tritan copolyester plastic, just like our previous picks.

It is also completely plastic odorless, so there is no chance of water odor, as well as BPA-free ensures your safe drinking. Its wide-mouth helps you to easily clean and fill ice cubes. These gallons can hold up to 8 cups (64 oz) of water, which is enough to meet your daily water needs. Please note you can only wash it with your hand.

Highlight Features

  • It comes with two different lids.
  • Variety colors option
  • Time marker with an inspiration quote
  • Both carry strap and anti-skid handle for easy carrying
  • Made with eco-friendly reusable plastic materials

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6. BUZIO Stainless Steel Half Gallon Water Bottle with Straw Lids

BUZIO 64 oz Water Bottle with Straw Lids, Stainless Steel Insulated Water Flask Jug, Half Gallon Canteen Metal Thermo Mug Hydro Jug, Double Vacuum Hot Cold Water Bottles Carrying Pouch, Black

Are you looking for a unique stainless steel half-gallon water bottle to carry both hot and cold water? Then you don’t have to look anywhere else; BUZIO’s stylish stainless steel water bottle may be the ideal option for you. All its unique features have attracted us a lot, especially its vacuum insulated features, which are able to keep your water at a desirable temperature for a long time.

It can keep the cold water up to 48 hours and hot water up to 24 hours. You also get a carrying pouch with easy carrying features to make the bottles extra protection and travel-friendly. It is completely leak-proof, so you can shake it any way you want. Also, 18/8 durable food-grade stainless steel has been used to make it, so you can be assured of the quality.

One of the most useful advantages of BUZIO is that, you get some extra accessories, which you can use for your different needs. With its wide mouth, you can easily do everything from ice filling to easily clean. Its price is comparatively much higher, but all its advanced features make its high price worthy.

Highlight Features

  • 100% BPA free plastic
  • Anti-slip for a firm grip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • You will get seven accessories
  • Keep hot and cold for 24 & 48 hours
  • Made with 18/8 food-grade durable stainless steel

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7. HYDRARANK Stylish Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve

Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve & Straw Lid - BPA Free, Big Capacity, 74 ounce (2.2 Liter) Reusable Large Water Jug with Handle for Daily Hydration, Sports, Gym Bottles (Abyss Black)

HYDRARANK is a great water bottle with eco-friendly, stylish, and outstanding features, which is a perfect half-gallon bottle option for anyone. Its 72 oz water bottle is the ideal choice to meet your water needs in daily life. It also has some more added features, which we are sharing step by step below.

It is made with the highest quality food grade PETG plastic, which is much durable. It also has an anti-slip carrying handle and uniquely designed storage with all the included features that set it separate from other half-gallon bottles.

It is odorless, and BPA free so you can ensure your drinkable water is much safer. Its leak-proof straw lid is very secure from water leakage. Despite its many advantages, it has a few cons sides; it is only suitable for washing with warm water soap, and it is not hot water and dishwasher friendly.

Highlight Features

  • Easy to carry
  • Completely odor and BPA free
  • Leak-proof straw lid and wide mouth
  • Unique features complete protective storage sleeve.
  • Made with durable food-grade PETG plastic

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8. Coolflask 64 oz Water Bottle with Straw

Coolflask Water Bottle 64 oz with Reusable Straw & Spout Lid, Vacuum Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Half Gallon Thermo Canteen Mug, BPA-Free Keep Cold for 48 Hrs or Hot for 24 Hrs, Pacific Prince

Its bottles quality and features are very cool, like the name CoolFlask. It comes with excellent triple insulation technology with double vacuum features that help keep the cold beverage up to 48 hours and the hot beverage up to 24 hours.

It is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which is completely safe to use. It is also BPA, rust, and sweat-free, so you can safely use it for a long time. Also, an anti-sweat coating has been used while designing it, which always keeps the bottles dry and clean. Also, it is very easy to carry.

It is a 100% leakage-proof design so that you can drink water for confidence. It has some downsides, such as it is not perfect for keeping it in the microwave and freezer. As well as it is not dishwasher safe; that’s why you can wash only by hand and with the straw brush that is attached to it. You also need to be very careful when handling hot liquids with it.

Highlight Features

  • Portable size easy to carry
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Double-walled vacuum
  • It comes with a different colors option
  • Rustproof durable food-grade stainless steel design
  • 100% BPA and odor-free, also leak-proof.

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What to know before you buy a half gallon water bottle


A half gallon water bottle is typically made out of plastic or metal. You can safely hold or store water for a long period of time with these two materials because they are sturdy, durable.


If you want to keep things light, it is important that the plastic bottles are lightweight and sturdy. You should buy BPA-free Tritan, Epoxy resin, and polycarbonate bottles. Choose a bottle that does not contain any BPA-containing components.


There are two metals that work best for a half gallon water bottle: stainless steel and aluminum. Cold drinks stay cold for hours in stainless steel because it is a great insulator. Stainless steel is heavy, which is its main drawback. Stainless steel is heavier than aluminum, nonetheless, it is more like drinking from a plastic container. Aluminum usually leaches out of the inside of the tank through a plastic resin.

Many people drink from glass bottles, but they tend to break easily. It’s a good idea to avoid buying covers or carriers if you want to prevent breakage.


In order to keep water cold all day, metal half gallon water bottles are typically double-walled. Plastic water bottles also come with insulation. Regardless of whether the bottle is metal or plastic, the heavier it will be the more insulating it will be.

If you want to keep the water cold longer without having to make your bottle heavier, make sure you pack the bottle with ice.

Best Half Gallon Water Bottle Features


A half gallon water bottle’s lid is probably its most important component. Do you really want to mess up your car seats with your daily hydration?

As plastic expands and contracts with temperature swings, screw-on lids tend to leak. This makes it best to look for another option.

There are two other options: a flip-top that can be opened for drinking and a carabiner lid that has an integrated straw as well as a flip-up valve. It may be more expensive, but these options keep the water where you need it – in your bottle or inside you.


Many bottled water bottles come with built-in filters, and even the cleanest water could benefit from filtration. A charcoal filter is used in some bottles to filter out impurities; other bottles use mesh screens positioned directly on the bottle surface. They are both used to remove small particles, contaminants, and heavy metals. A half gallon water bottle is less likely to come with an integrated filter than a smaller bottle, but they are available.


Water weighs about 4 pounds in a half gallon. All that weight needs to be handled comfortably with a handle that can hold a half gallon water bottle.

Besides being sturdy, a handle must also be logically placed. Water bottles with flimsy handles positioned awkwardly will not motivate you to stay hydrated.

When choosing a half gallon water bottle for carrying around, consider a bottle with a handle and a comfortably, non-slip handle.


It only costs about $10 for a half gallon bottle, which is the cheapest feasible option. Would you like a water bottle that keeps liquids cold for 24 hours, has a powder-coated exterior, has filters, and keeps liquids cold for 24 hours? Approximately $100 is the price to expect.

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Final Thought

Staying healthy requires drinking enough water every day. If you need help with that, a half gallon water bottle can serve as your new companion. You can choose a wonderful bottle from this list on your own and keep it in your purse or car so you always stay hydrated and fresh.

Hopefully, you have read the article above and can now make an informed decision. Most of these brands have plastic parts, but a number have stainless steel parts as the main material. There are both positives and negatives to both of these substances.

The best half gallon water bottle may differ in strength from others, but they may be much cheaper than others. There is one thing that is certain about all of these jugs: they have all been approved by the FDA. That means your health may be on their minds.

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