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mam bottle drying rack

The 9 Best Bottle Drying Racks: Specially for Baby Bottles

If you have a lot of baby bottles and accessories, it’s a messy process to dry them properly with the other dishes. Also, there’s a chance to misplace the parts. However, you need the best bottle drying rack to prevent this from happening.

It can be confusing to choose from the variety of bottle drying racks available on the market. To eliminate your confusion, I’m here to help you out with some of the best bottle drying racks available out there.

I’ve already done my research and taken opinions from people and picked 9 bottle drying racks, especially for you. If you’re reading this, I don’t want to waste your time anymore.

Let’s jump into the main section. Shall we?

What are the Benefits of a Bottle Drying Rack?

If you have so many feeding bottles for your baby, a drying rack is necessary to store them.

A Dedicated Space to Store Bottles

Having too many feeding bottles needs adequate space to store them properly. If there’s no dedicated space, there’s a high chance that you’ll misplace the parts or maybe the entire bottle. 

In that case, a drying rack can help you to store the bottles properly. Also, it’ll save space in your kitchen and let you avoid the mess.


A bottle drying rack doesn’t only store bottles, it comes with the feature to hold nipples, pacifiers, straws, and so on. This versatility of a bottle drying rack makes it even more desirable to parents. 

Great Way to Dry Bottles

The job of a bottle drying rack is to dry the bottles efficiently. It can ensure ventilation and make the bottle dry faster. So, when it comes to drying and storing your baby’s feeding bottles, there’s no other option as good as a drying rack. 

9 Best Bottle Drying Racks Details Guide

Here are the 9 best bottle drying racks that you can consider buying to dry your baby’s feeding bottles.

1. Munchkin Tidy Dry Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Munchkin® Tidy Dry™ Baby Bottle Drying Rack and 2pk Sponge™ Bottle Brush, Grey

If you have many bottles and no proper place to dry them after washing, this bottle drying rack can help. It comes with a vertical drying rack and 2 bottle brushes.

Why We Love It

Munchkin Tidy Dry baby bottle drying rack is truly outstanding in design and features.

The drying rack is capable of holding up to 8 bottles and accessories to dry them properly. This bottle rack requires less counter space because of its small, vertical design to maximize storage. So, you don’t need more space in your kitchen to keep this rack.

The clip features an angled design that ensures the bottles and accessories are placed properly to dry. On top of that, the basket shelves maximize the airflow ventilation for colic valves, pump particles, and so on. I must say, this bottle drying rack is quite versatile.

Why you should buy this

As I said earlier, this bottle drying rack comes with 2 sturdy brushes that have nylon bristles. There is no need to worry about the brush scratching the bottles. Featuring scratch-free bristles, the brush can clean most of the plastic and glass bottles, and accessories. However, you need to change the brush after 30-45 days.

Key Features

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Space-saving
  • Holds up to 8 bottles and accessories
  • The drip tray expands to give more room to dry

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2. Termichy High Capacity Bottle Dryer Holder for Bottles, Teats, Cups, Pump Parts, and Accessories

Termichy Baby Bottle Drying Rack with Tray, High Capacity Bottle Dryer Holder for Bottles, Teats, Cups, Pump Parts and Accessories, Green

This bottle drying rack comes with 3 benefits- convenience, sanitation, and clean and I agree with it. Let me tell you why.

Why We Love It

Termichy bottle drying rack can accommodate many bottles and accessories at the same time. Also, this rack is compatible to hold most of the renowned brand’s bottles and accessories.

With the bottle drying rack, you can store many bottles and accessories while consuming less space. Moreover, it can be used both at home and while traveling. Its multi-branched design gives you the flexibility to move the sticks. Hence, it’s compatible with any size and shape of bottles and accessories.

Why you should buy this

Moreover, the ball design on the top of the branch ensures that the bottles don’t get any scratches. The most important feature of this rack is the removable, reversible drip tray which makes it easier to catch and drain water into the sink. All you have to do is pull out the drip tray and clean the excess water.

Lastly, this drying rack has only a few parts and you can assemble, disassemble, and clean them easily.

Key Features

  • BPA free, safe for children
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Compatible with various bottle sizes and shapes
  • Ball design prevents bottles from being scratched
  • Easy to remove the tray to clean excess water

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3. Dr. Brown’s Universal Baby Bottle and Accessory Drying Rack

Dr. Brown's Folding Baby Bottle Drying Rack for Easy Storage, Dry Nipples, Pacifiers and Other Baby Essentials, BPA-free

Dr. Brown’s is a well-known brand among parents. From baby bottles to sterilizers, they make everything. When it comes to buying a bottle drying rack, you can consider this rack from Dr. Brown’s.

Why We Love It

This bottle drying rack is designed to hold all types, sizes, and shapes of Dr. Brown’s bottles and accessories. Probably that’s the reason behind using ‘universal’ in its name. The rack has adequate space to dry 12 standard bottles or 8 wide neck bottles.

The best part is you can use this rack to dry all Dr. Brown’s cups, bowls, pacifiers, nipples, and all other baby feeding accessories. This rack is truly versatile.

The rack has a comparatively large shape, which provides enough room. However, it requires a little bit more space to store. No problem, you can fold down the rack when you don’t use it and save space in your kitchen.

This bottle drying rack comes with a removable tray that collects water. You can simply pull out the tray to drain the water directly into the sink.

Why you should buy this

However, this bottle drying rack has a few downsides. The posts might not be strong enough to hold the bottles upright. Moreover, according to some users, the air circulation process isn’t efficient and requires longer to dry the bottles.

Key Features

  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds bottles of different sizes and shapes
  • Flexible posts
  • Easy to clean

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4. Baby Bottle Drying Rack Container with Drainer

Baby Bottle Drying Rack Container with Drainer, Portable Nursing Cutlery Box Container with Cover, Bottle Holder for Baby and Toddler, Portable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, Easy to Clean Drainer (White)

If you’re looking for a compact and portable bottle drying rack, probably this one can satisfy your need.

Why We Love It

The design of this bottle drying rack is pretty impressive. It comes with 4 bottle rods, 2 nipple holders, and a bucket. Besides bottles, you can also dry accessories with this rack.

Moreover, the rack has a 360-degree sealing cover that prevents germs and dirt from getting into the bottles. On top of that, If you frequently travel with your baby, this portable bottle drying rack can be a great choice for you. Also, it doesn’t require much space to store.

You’ll find a detachable bracket with this rack. You can remove it whenever you want to dry bottles. Also, this rack comes with a drawer-type detachable tray to collect water. If the drawer is filled with water, you can remove the drawer to drain the water.

Why you should buy this

The most interesting part is its exhaust design which allows circulating air properly and dry bottles efficiently. However, you need to keep the cover open to dry the bottles faster. There’s a drawback to this rack. Few customers complained that the handle isn’t attached properly, it barely clips into the sides and will come out while carrying.

Key Features

  • Free from toxic components like BPA
  • Comes with a sealing cover
  • Portable
  • Includes a detachable bracket and drain canister

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5. Philips AVENT Drying Rack

Philips AVENT Drying Rack, White, SCF149/00

Philips Avent drying rack is one of the best drying racks available on the market. The minimalistic and modern design makes this rack truly outstanding.

Why We Love It

This bottle drying rack looks like the branches of trees. The design allows you to hold 8 bottles, teats, breast pump parts, pacifiers, and other accessories. What’s great about this rack is that it can hold all of these while taking up less counter space.

On top of that, with the open design, the air can freely flow and the water can easily evaporate for optimal drying.  Moreover, you’ll find a detachable drip tray that will make your job even easier. It’ll help you to drain excess water effortlessly.

When it comes to cleaning this rack, you don’t have to put in the extra effort. It’s easy to clean and assemble. Also, you can throw it into the dishwasher.

Why you should buy this

However, few people find this rack pretty small to dry bottles and accessories. If you’re going to dry all the 8 bottles and accessories at the same time, it’ll be pretty hard to accommodate. This is the only drawback of this bottle drying rack.

Key Features

  • Durable and compact
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Holds up to 8 bottles and accessories
  • Detachable drip tray for easy water disposal

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6. OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack

OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack, Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

OXO Tot bottle drying rack is a great way to dry and store bottles without any hitch. This rack is slightly bigger than the other racks I’ve mentioned so far. It doesn’t matter how big it is as long as it works, right?

Why We Love It

This bottle drying rack can accommodate up to 8 bottles and for accessories, you’ll find an adjustable cup. The cup can hold teats, straws, pacifiers easily. Moreover, there’s a space on the side that provides additional room to dry anything.

On top of that, the draining process seems much easier in this rack. The raised rib design promotes quick drainage of excess water.

Moreover, when you hold the bottles on the rack there’s a chance to get them scratched. Fortunately, silicone-tipped tines are there to eliminate this problem. Also, the tines hold the bottles in an upright position to dry them properly.

Why you should buy this

However, the rack has shorter prongs which minimize the airflow and as a result, it takes longer to dry the bottles. Also, the crevices took quite an effort to clean.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 8 bottles
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Provides additional space
  • Adjustable cup to dry accessories
  • Silicone-tip tines prevent scratching

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7. Boon Drying Rack Lawn Countertop

The unique design of this bottle drying rack from Boon can’t avoid your attention, trust me. At least, I’ve never seen any bottle drying rack like this.

Why We Love It

The rack is designed like a lawn and can hold bottles of any size and shape. Also, you’ll get flexible grass blades to hold accessories like teats, pacifiers, and so on. The rack keeps the bottles upright, allowing them to properly dry.

Most importantly, you don’t need a ton of space to keep this rack in your kitchen. This bottle drying rack comes in only 2 pieces which makes it easy to clean and assemble.

Why you should buy this

On top of that, draining the water is a piece of cake when you have this bottle drying rack. The bottom part of this rack consists of a tray that collects water. When it fills with water, your job is to remove the tray and drain the water. So convenient, right?

However, this bottle drying rack could be a little bit larger to hold more bottles and accessories. Also, you need to pay extra money to add additional accessories.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Has a smaller footprint
  • Has only 2 parts
  • Easy to clean

8. CAREBABYMORE High Capacity Drying Rack with 5pcs Brushes

CAREBABYMORE High Capacity Drying Rack with 5pcs Brushes, Deluxe Countertop Drying Rack, Universal Drying Station, Baby Bottle Drying Rack with Bottle Brushes, Cup and Bottle Drying Rack, White

When you have many bottles, you need to clean and dry them regularly. To ease this process, CAREBABYMORE comes with this high-capacity drying rack.

Why We Love It

There is more to this rack than just drying bottles. You’ll get 5 brushes which will help you clean bottles and accessories. This rack is truly versatile to perform its job.

It can hold up to 8 bottles of various sizes and shapes. Also, this rack can be an ideal choice to dry other baby feeding accessories like valves, pacifiers, pump parts, and so on. This rack can hold the bottles upright position for the most effective and fastest drying.

Why you should buy this

On top of that, you’ll find a tray at the bottom of the rack. The tray catches the excess water and your job is to drain the water into the sink. An easy cleaning process, right?

However, this bottle drying rack isn’t dishwasher safe. So, you should clean it with your hands and warm soapy water.

Key Features

  • Free from BPA and PVC
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with 5 cleaning brushes
  • Holds up to 8 bottles
  • Holds the bottles in the upright position for efficient drying

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9. Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack

Boon Desert Countertop Baby Bottle Drying Rack - Holding Capacity for 8 Baby Bottles and Baby Accessories - Baby Bottle Organizer and Storage - Baby Bottle-Feeding Supplies

I personally love the products from Boon for their unique design. This time, they didn’t disappoint me either. When you take a look at this rack, you understand why Boon named it the Desert baby bottle drying rack.

Why We Love It

The design is pretty impressive and can fit into any kitchen. Besides, the size of this rack isn’t too large. So, it won’t consume much space on the countertop. You’ll find 5 removable, flexible cacti which work to hold 8 bottles and accessories. Moreover, when the rack isn’t in use you can remove the cacti and store the rack in a convenient place.

Why you should buy this

The rack has a removable tray that catches excessive water. When the water is filled, you should clean the tray. Moreover, cleaning this rack is almost a piece of cake because it comes in only 2 pieces. The parts are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Key Features

  • BPA and PVC free
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds up to 8 different sizes and shapes bottles
  • Tray collects the water underneath
  • Flexible cacti allow you to arrange them as you wish

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Best Bottle Drying Racks: What to Look Out for When Buying

best bottle drying racks

When it comes to buying a bottle drying rack, you need to consider these factors:


Most of the bottle drying racks are made from plastic. However, they’re durable and lightweight. But the problem is, not all bottle drying racks are free from BPA and PVC. So, you should ensure that the rack is safe from these toxic components.

Moreover, if you have glass bottles, make sure the rack is durable enough to hold them. Since they’re comparatively heavier than plastic bottles.


For bottle drying racks, choosing the right size is crucial. Which size of bottle drying rack you need depends on how many bottles and accessories you’re going to dry. Obviously, if you have too many bottles and accessories, you need a larger rack.

Moreover, the kitchen space also plays an important role. If you want to save countertop space, it’s better to avoid a larger size bottle drying rack.


If you want to use the bottle drying rack at home as well as while traveling a compact and portable rack can do the job. Moreover, a few bottle drying racks come with covers to keep the bottles safe from germs while traveling.

On top of that, a few bottle drying racks are only for drying bottles. So, if you want to dry accessories like pump parts, they aren’t eligible for that.


Airflow plays a key role in bottle drying racks. If the rack can’t circulate air properly, the bottles will take longer to dry. Moreover, there’s a chance to grow molds that are severely unhygienic for babies.

So, while buying a bottle drying rack make sure it can circulate air properly.

Ease of Cleaning

Few bottle drying racks come with so many pieces that it makes them hard to clean. Also, there’s a chance to misplace them.

If you’re a busy mom, you should look for a bottle drying rack that is easy and convenient to clean.

What Should You Do After Drying Your Baby Bottle

Immediately following the drying of the bottles and their components (the lid and the rubber nipple), the feeding equipment should be assembled. Sterilized tongs should be used for this procedure. The feeding bottle may be assembled using your hands if tongs are unavailable.

Just be careful to wash your hands before beginning the activity at hand. Keep the bottles in a sterile container after they’ve been constructed. A bottle that hasn’t been used in 24 hours should be re-sterilized before being used for feeding.

Importance of  Drying Baby Bottles

Best Bottle Drying Racks

No matter how meticulously you clean your baby’s feeding bottles and other instruments, germs and bacteria will always remain. In reality, you and your home are both a source of germs.

Germs and germs grow in tiny drops of warm water left in your baby’s feeding bottle. Unchecked, these bacterial cells may easily multiply in minutes.

Drying a baby’s feeding bottle securely is easier said than done. There are several techniques to dry the water left in the bottle after cleaning and sterilization. No approach is perfect for keeping the bottles germ-free.

Best Bottle Drying Racks: FAQs

Why do you need a special drying rack for baby bottles?

A special drying rack for baby bottles can help you to dry and store all the baby bottles and accessories separately from the other dishes. Moreover, if you have a bottle drying rack, there’s less chance to misplace bottle parts and accessories.

Do I need a drying rack if I have a bottle sterilizer?

Parents used to sterilize baby bottles in a sterilizer and then keep them on a bottle rack to dry them. However, there’s no connection between a bottle drying rack and a sterilizer. The sterilizer disinfects bottles whereas the drying rack holds the bottles to dry them properly.

How do you sanitize a bottle drying rack?

When it comes to sanitizing a bottle drying rack, first disassemble all the parts. After that, clean them with warm soapy water and rinse them thoroughly.

If you have a dishwasher, you can put the rack on the top rack of your dishwasher to sanitize them. It’s a more easy and convenient way.

Is the bottle drying rack worth it?

A bottle drying rack is worth it in my opinion. The bottle drying rack is inexpensive. Moreover, they can hold the bottles in an organized way to dry them properly. They’re also great to keep the bottles and accessories in the same place.

The Final Thoughts

Since your baby is growing up, you need more bottles to feed it. More bottles mean more bottle parts and more space to dry them. If you dry them with the other dishes, sometimes it can be a mess.  In this post, I have shown you some of the best bottle drying racks you can buy to make the bottle drying process easier for you.

Hopefully, this post will help you to choose the right bottle drying rack. Don’t forget to share which one you buy and how the experience is. I’m eagerly waiting!

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