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best bottles for kombucha

The 6 Best Bottles for Kombucha: Top Glass Bottles in 2022

So you are planning to store your Kombucha in a strong, secure, airtight lids bottle? But little bit confused about what are the best bottles for Kombucha? Which Kombucha bottle is the best choice for easy store and transport to share with your family and friends? Don’t worry; you are coming to the exact place. 

If you search in the market, you will see a number of different types of bottles, which is confusing, especially for beginners. However, you may know that suitable bottles play a significant role in flavor, efficiently reserving and protecting your Kombucha. Hence, you just need to find the perfect bottle to get the best result. 

That’s why we have researched the market and consumer feedback. We then found out the 7 best kombucha bottles, which all are made with solid glass, secure, large openings, airtight lids, and finally, easily cleanable.

Best Bottles for Kombucha Guide

In this section, we have shared our selected flavoring storing kombucha bottle, each product we Guideed in detail so that you can easily find the most suitable bottle for you. Let’s see.

1. Amber Glass Swing Top Kombucha Bottles

Paksh Novelty Kitchen Bottles with Flip-top Airtight Lid, for Carbonated Drinks, Kombucha, 2nd Fermentation, Water - 16 Ounces - Glass

Introducing our first selection, the Amber glass kombucha bottle, which is outstanding in durability as well as completely UV protected. Basically, its supreme construction has attracted us more.

Why We Select It

One of the best advantages is the airtight seal feature, which helps to preserve the fizz of Kombucha. Ultra lock is able to withstand any pressure and ensures a leakproof seal. With the flip-top swing stopper bottle, you can also easily remove the lid. Also, the cap is attached; there is no chance of missing it like the standard bottle caps.

This amber glass bottle comes with 16 ounces of 6 packs, which will help to store other beverages besides Kombucha. In most cases, we have seen that consumers are apprehensive about slipping the glass bottle from their hands or leaving it somewhere, but in this case, this kombucha bottle is entirely different.

Why you should buy this

Its rugged bottom ensures great stability and can stand on any surface. Not only that, it provides perfect grip, so even if the liquids like messy oil or vinegar, there is no chance of slipping easily. After using, you can efficiently clean because this bottle is ultimately dishwasher safe without a lid. Overall, this is one of the best bottles for Kombucha.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 16 ounces 6 pack glass bottles
  • UV protected brewing bottles
  • Flip-top airtight lid, secure leakproof seal
  • Superior heavy-duty glass construction
  • The rugged bottom design ensures stability on most surface
  • Easy to grip and handle, and high-pressure resistant
  • Completely dishwasher safe (without lid), easy to clean

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2. Estilo Swing Top Clear Glass Kombucha Bottle

Estilo Swing Top Clear Glass Bottles,16oz Set of 6 Easy Cap Clear Bottles with Stoppers, Flip Top Glass Bottles to Store Home Brews, Oils, Vinaigrettes, Wines, Beer, Teas, Limoncello

Are you searching for the best bottles for Kombucha in your budget? Then I think it will be a great option, especially for you. 

Why We Love It

Estilo swing top glass bottle comes with complete clear glass, which helps to monitor your Kombucha from time to time, as well as other juices and liquids.

The Estilo Kombucha bottle is made of solid quality glass so that you can be sure of its durability. Also, the unique leakproof design does not make any contrast in the flavor and helps retain the taste longer.

Being a clear bottle also helps to keep soft drinks, water, juice and other drinks displayed in a significant way.

Why you should buy this

Most consumers appreciated this bottle set, especially for its sturdy construction and usable multipurpose features. You can also easily clean.

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant transparent glass bottle
  • Constructed with durable thick glass
  • Great selection for storing beverage
  • It comes with a leakproof and secure silicone swing cap
  • Complete dishwasher safe, easy to cleaning

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3. Hemlock Swing Top Glass Brewing Bottles

Swing Top Glass Bottles Brewing Bottles for Kombucha, Beer, Kiefer - 16 oz. - Grolsch Style Bottle (6 Set) with Funnel

If you are looking for great quality bottles for carbonated drinks, you should definitely check out this bottle set once. This Kombucha bottle set from Hemlock Home Brewing is trendy, especially for its high pressure withstand capabilities.

Why We Love It

Hemlock rated this bottle 58 psi, whereas other standard brewing bottles are able to control minimal pressure. The bottle set also includes high pressured gaskets to protect your homemade Kombucha. It includes a collapsible silicone funnel to quickly pour your homemade drinks into the bottle.

Also, swing-top bottles provide the tightest seal, so there are no leakage issues. Most consumers worry a lot about packaging after buying glass bottles because inadequate packaging often causes issues such as broken bottles, which can lead to many hassles later on.

Why you should buy this

However, consumers are delighted with the packaging quality of the Hemlock glass bottle set.

Highlighted Features

  • They included a collapsible silicone funnel.
  • It can withstand high pressure; glass is rated for 58 PSI
  • Durable quality clear glass Kombucha bottle
  • Reusable top swing cap, easy to seal and open
  • Easy to clean, entirely dishwasher safe

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4. Paksh Novelty Flip Top Airtight Lid Bottle

Paksh Novelty Juices and Smoothies Bottles with Flip-top Airtight Lid, for Carbonated Drinks, Kombucha, 2nd Fermentation, Water - 16 Ounces - Glass

Paksh Novelty’s clear brewing bottle set is another outstanding selection for storing your homemade drinks beverage more efficiently or transporting them anywhere. This set comes with 16 ounces capacity for every bottle.

Why We Love It

Some of its features are similar to our previous selections, but one of the best advantages is that you can get 12 bottles in an affordable price range. The bottle set is also made with durable glass, which is much more durable than regular bottles.

According to consumers, this bottle is great for secondary fermentation of kefir, Kombucha, and carbonated drinks, as well as being airtight preserves the freshness and fizz of your brewing.

Why you should buy this

The bottom side of the bottles has been designed to be rugged so that it can be stable on most surfaces and provide a perfect grip. In addition, you can easily clean it after use because it is entirely dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Airtight seal preserves the freshness, taste and fizz
  • Flip-top swing stopper ensures a leakproof seal
  • Great for secondary fermentation of Kombucha
  • 12 counts bottle comes at an affordable price
  • Designed with pleasant grip
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean

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5. YEBODA Clear Glass Bottles for Home Brewing

YEBODA Clear Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Silicone Seal 16 oz- Case of 6

YEBODA is another reasonable-cost glass bottle selection, especially for homemade drinks, fruit juice, Kombucha etc.

Why We Love It

The glass bottle set is made of premium heavy-duty thick glass with a 304 stainless steel silicon gasket, which is entirely leakproof and able to resist high pressure.

As well as being a non-toxic material, it is safe to use and good for the environment. Yeboda’s airtight flip caps are super strong, which keeps the contents inside the bottle delicious and fresh and keeps the fizz on for a long time without any issues.

Why you should buy this

As the bottle set is transparent, you can always observe the Kombucha inside the bottle. In addition, the rought bottom ensures a steady stand on the most surface like our other selection.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with premium heavy-duty glass
  • Rought bottom ensures the steady stand
  • 304 stainless steel silicon gasket
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • It comes with resealable caps
  • 100% eco friendly and recyclable

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6. Otis Classic Swing Top Glass Bottles

Otis Classic Swing Top Glass Bottles - Set of 6, 16oz w/Marker & Labels - Clear Bottle with Caps for Juice, Water, Kombucha, Wine, Beer Brewing, Kefir Milk or Eggnog

Otis Classic is an outstanding selection, especially for hobbyists, home chiefs, crafty and dyer. These bottles are made with all your needs covered; for instance, its durable BPA-free cap provides excellent safety, the high-pressure gasket can withstand any pressure, and stainless steel closure can ease your work.

Why We Love It

The complete leakproof barrier of their bottles ensures that the bottle’s contents are protected and preserved. Also, the taste of Kombucha drinks does not lose its freshness for a long time.

A unique feature of the Otis glass bottle set is that they provide you with a label sheet as a bonus, as well as extra

Why you should buy this

gaskets for use as a replacement.

Lastly, this bottle is not only for Kombucha drinks but also suitable for any beverage.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable Lead and BPA free caps
  • Stainless steel gasket
  • Capable of withstanding any pressure
  • Made with thick and durable glass
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
  • It also includes extra gaskets and bonus label sheets.

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7. Chef’s Star Fermenting Bottle with Stoppers

Chef's Star 16 Oz Empty Beer Bottles, Swing Top Glass Bottles, Flip Top Glass Bottle with Caps, Fermentation Home Brewing Kombucha Beer and Coquito, Fermenting Bottle with Stoppers, Clear, Set of 6

Last but not least, Chef’s is one of the best brewing bottle companies, which is very popular for its rate bottles. Its durable and thick construction can withstand all the revelry. In addition, it comes with a 16 oz capacity of 6 bottles, which is a convenient size for drinking and storing the Kombucha beverage.

Why We Love It

Chef’s uses a unique leakproof metal clamp with a silicone gasket in their bottle so that it can resist any kind of pressure and retain the fizz and taste of your drinks for a long time. You can also use this swing top clear glass bottle for multipurpose.

Simple and elegant design provides great attraction in front of the guests. Another significant aspect of this is that they have included a funnel with the bottle set for easy pouring.

Why you should buy this

Finally, since the dishwasher is completely safe, you can ensure efficient cleaning after use.

Highlighted Features

  • A handy size for Kombucha
  • Flip-top clear glass bottle with caps
  • Made with thick glass, that’s why it is extra durable
  • Unique leakproof metal clamp with silicone stopper
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to cleaning

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Kombucha Brewing Tips

best kombucha bottles

There are many people who store Kombucha in the wrong process; that’s why the freshness does not last long. However, we have briefly shared some tips in this section, which you must try to keep in mind before storing.

Step1: Do Not Till The Bottle Up All The Way

Many people fill the bottle entirely; it is a wrong process. Never fill the bottle entirely.

Step 2: Clean All The Equipment

You need to be very careful when you are using the bottle, such as clean the lids, caps and other things of the bottle properly, also pay special attention to sanitization.

Step 3: Store in Cool Areas

Always try to keep drinks like Kombucha away from sunlight also avoid UV rays as much as possible. You can also keep the bottle in the cabinet, cool or dark area for long-term storage.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Kombucha Storage Bottles

Wait a minute: There are still some procedures left before finally choosing your Kombucha storage jar. Below, we have shared some key considerations which must be considered before finally choosing the bottle.


It is very important that the container you choose has higher strength so that it can be easily carried anywhere. Glass-constructed bottles are susceptible, but if you buy durable quality bottles, then they last longer than standard glass bottles.

The best part about sustainable bottles is that they are able to withstand the pressures of beverages like Kombucha.


This is another crucial factor; the size of the bottle depends on your Kombucha production, also how many flavors you want to add and which measure Kombucha bottle is convenient for you.

However, considering the overall, 16 oz bottles are the most perfect because these size bottles are suitable for a variety of fruits and juices.

Leakproof Lid

Most glass bottles are suitable for general drinks storage but not for containing freshness, due to which leakproof and airtight lid is very important for maintaining the fizz, taste and freshness of Kombucha, fruits juice, or other homemade beverages.

Airtight bottle prevents any kind of outside air from entering and the inside air from getting out. All our selected bottles are leakproof and suitable for a long time to keep fizz and freshness.


One of the disadvantages of glass bottles is that they cannot be stable on most smooth surfaces, which can lead to accidental breakage.

In this case, you can select the roughed bottom bottles to avoid this kind of risk. They have a steady stand above the maximum surface and can maintain stability.

Easy to Clean

After using the bottle several times, the bad smell can come from the Kombucha bottle, so to get rid of this smell, the bottle must need to be dishwasher safe to clean efficiently without any hassles and reuse.

FAQs of Best Bottles for Kombucha

What kind of bottles should I use for Kombucha?

According to many, swing or flip-top bottles are the best option because these types of bottles have a rubber seal, which helps to keep the pressure along with the air. There are also many more advantages.

Does Kombucha need to be in a dark bottle?

A dark kombucha bottle is the most acceptable option for packaging because light damage is probiotics.

Does Kombucha need to be airtight?

If your chosen kombucha bottle is not airtight, carbon dioxide will leak out of the bottle, and your Kombucha will be flat. So it is crucial to secure tightly or airtight your kombucha bottles.

Can you use old wine bottles for Kombucha?

According to many, you can use old wine bottles, soda bottles, or old brought Kombucha bottles if you want. However, it is better to use a specific bottle for great flavor.

What happens if you let the combo ferment too long?

If you leave the combo too long to ferment, it will quickly convert into kombucha vinegar. Most of the time, I saw that many people have thrown away kombucha vinegar, which is wrong; you can use it in different ways without wasting it.

Can I put Kombucha in a plastic bottle?

If you want, you can use a food-grade safe plastic bottle, but it is better to use a plastic bottle only in the flavoring stage than recycle it because the plastic bottle is pretty hard due to CO2 and has high chances of swelling.

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Final Thought

An outstanding quality bottle is essential to keep the freshness of kombucha drinks for a longer time. Though there are different options in the market, we have chosen the 7 best bottles for kombucha drinks. Each bottle has specific features.

Hopefully, you have already chosen the kombucha bottle set that is suitable for you. However, if you are still confused about which one would be most suitable to choose and want to know our opinion, we will undoubtedly highly recommend our first selection, namely Amber Glass Swing Top Kombucha Bottles.

However, our other selections are also ideal, so whatever you choose from our list, we confidently say that you will not be disappointed with these selections.

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