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fanny pack with 2 water bottle holder

The 7 Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder: Best in 2022

Fanny pack with water bottle holder have emerged as one of the most useful trends in the last few years. Originally a practical bag that our dads wore, then we started ironically wearing them before we ended up fully accepting them.

That’s a good thing! The best fanny pack with water bottle holder allows you to avoid carrying a heavy bag or purse around. A backpack when you really don’t need it can be like carrying a brick on your arm or having to deal with a brick on your arm.

You can stow your essentials close to your body in the very best fanny packs while keeping your hands free and unfettered by baggage. Fanny packs are even available for new moms that double up as diaper bags. Both can be worn around the waist or crossed over the body.

We have a wide choice of fanny packs on the market thanks to brands like Nike, Lululemon, Everlane, and Girlfriend Collective. The following list of fanny packs features the best ones we’ve seen, so you can find one that fits your style.

Editors Recommendation: 4 Best Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Best Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

1. Skywoo Running Belt Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Skywoo Running Belt Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder Fanny Pack Reflective Compatible for iphone X/XS Max/XR, Waistband Travel Money Belt for Workouts, Cycling, Runner, Jogging

The first fanny pack on our list is pretty much impressive in its design and functions. 

This pack has a reflective design that glows brightly at night. This feature helps to increase visibility and makes the night running fun. Also, the versatile metal pull ring is also there to hang the pet rope. 

Most importantly, this bag has multiple pockets with 2 primary separate zipper pockets which provide adequate space. Whether you want to keep your phone, key, or wallet, everything will be suited in there. 

On top of that, this fanny pack has dedicated space for holding bottles. You’ll find an adjustable rope that allows you to keep your bottle safe and stable. 

While you’re running or hiking, you don’t need to worry about the bottle falling out and bouncing. 

Moreover, this fanny pack comes with an adjustable strap that fits well in your waist. If your waist measures from 19.7 inches to 44.9 inches, you don’t need to worry about its fitting at all. Thanks to its adjustable and customizable fitting.

Lastly, the bag is equipped with an anti-theft feature that ensures your belongings remain secure.

Key Features

  • Dedicated space for bottle
  • Adequate space to keep your belongings
  • Night reflective design
  • Security feature to keep safe your belongings

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2. Athlé Running Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Athle Sport Running Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder - Adjustable Running Belt With Water Bottle Holder and Pouch - One Size Fits All Travel Fanny Pack - Fit all phones - Black

Do you go to the gym to work out or just run in the street? If yes, you may need to carry a bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

I have a great fanny pack for you to keep you hydrated on this journey. Presenting to you this versatile, outstanding fanny pack from Athle. 

One of the best things about this fanny pick is its lightweight and comfort. During a workout or hiking, you won’t feel bulky because of this bag. 

You’ll find pouch pockets in this bag that can store your large smartphones, keys, cards, wallets, and most importantly your water bottle securely. 

This bag has a dedicated pouch that can hold bottles up to 24oz. Also, to prevent your bottle from falling, there’s a hook loop to secure your bottle. 

On top of that, this bag is ideal for men and women whose waist sizes range from 30 to 55 inches. With the adjustable strap, you can modify the bag to fit your waist the way you prefer.

Lastly, this bottle comes in 8 color variants and each variant has a reflective design that helps others to spot you at night. Moreover, the waterproof hydration belt allows users to listen to music via headphones without any mess.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, great for using in gym and hiking
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Adjustable strap offers a wide range of fitting
  • Secured to store your belongings
  • 360 degrees reflective design glows at night

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3. YUOTO Outdoor Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder for Walking Hiking

YUOTO Outdoor Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder for Walking Hiking Hydration Belt Waist Bag

If you’re looking for a spacious yet small fanny pack, probably this one from Youto can satisfy your desire. 

This fanny pack has 3 different pockets to hold different things. During working out or even hiking this bag can store phones, keys, wallets, and most importantly your water bottle without any trouble. 

This bag has adequate room to hold the water bottle. It can hold a bottle of 750ml without any hitch. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the bottle shaking or falling off.

The design and fitting of this bag are pretty impressive. If you’re into night activities, its reflective material will glow and increase the visibility to the others. Your mates can spot you, don’t worry!

On top of that, this fanny bag comes in a wide range of color variations. Also, it fits both men and women offering a broad range of fitting starting from 25 inches to 50 inches. 

Key Features

  • Adequate space to store your belongings
  • 3 separate pockets
  • Holds a 750 ml bottle
  • Different color variants
  • Compatible with 25” to 50” waist size

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4. WATERFLY Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder Hiking Waist Packs

WATERFLY Fanny Pack Waist Bag: Fannie Pack 2 Water Bottle Holders Lumbar Belt Hiking Walking Running Jogging Camping Large Woman Man (Bottle Not Included)

The Waterfly Fanny Pack is the most durable and large fanny pack on our list, which can be used for everyday exercises, running, biking, and hiking.

To make this fanny pack durable and sturdy, the manufacturer used nylon and premium quality PV breathable pads.

Also, it provides better ventilation, makes your back feel more comfortable. You won’t face extra pressure on your back.  

On top of that, This bag is multifunctional and has a large holding capacity. You can store your belongings (even an iPad Mini) easily in its primary compartment and outer pouches. 

Most importantly, this bag is capable of holding 2 water bottles to keep you hydrated. However, you can store an umbrella in one bottle holder if you want to. I’d say this fanny pack has enormous space if you compare it to the others.

The reflective material used in the fanny pack glows brightly at night, letting others notice you even in the darkest night.  

The interesting part is the strap used in the bag, is uniquely designed, adjustable, and puts less pressure on your waist. Also, you can hold it in your hand if you don’t want to wear it around your waist. 

Key Features

  • Gigantic space
  • Holds so many things
  • 2 bottle holders
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Can be carried in your hand

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5. AiRunTech Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder for Running

AiRunTech Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder for Running Walking Hiking No-Bounce Hydration Belts for Runner Athletes Fit All Waist Sizes & All Phone Models

The first thing that will impress you about this fanny pack is its design. This bottle holder is angled at a 45-degree to make it easy to sip from while you’re on the go.

I like this hydration belt since it doesn’t bounce much as long as you keep it in place and wear it properly.

Besides, unlike other fanny packs, this one doesn’t keep the bottle horizontal and keeps it in a stable position. So, the bottle won’t fall out while you’re running.

The strap is so smooth and soft that won’t allow you to feel any pain or irritation around your waist. 

Also, it’s so easy to adjust. This belt can be worn below your belly button, or you can also pull it up around the waist.

Although the pouches on this belt are a touch small, you’re unlikely to be carrying a lot of stuff other than the bare basics. 

The pockets are large enough to accommodate your smartphone, keys, ID card, and perhaps a small meal for longer outings. So, it’s just enough to get you moving without being too heavy.

Overall, I love AiRunTech’s No-Bounce Running Belt since it’s stylish and functional. Moreover, you can use this one with any current water bottle you already have. 

Key Features

  • Anti-flip Technology
  • Friction-free Comfort
  • 45 Degree Bottle Holder
  • Easy to Wear
  • Super Safe and Secured
  • Compatible for Sports

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The Benefits of Best Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

If you are considering buying your first-ever water bottle holder for your fanny pack or renewing your interest in the trend, take into consideration the many benefits of wearing your belongings around your waist.

  • The fanny pack lets you concentrate on what is most important and leaves your hands free. Since it is handleless, you can slip it over your shoulder or around your waist.
  • The fanny pack is suitable for anyone. In terms of style, it is unisex, so people from all walks of life can wear it. Fanny packs come in a wide range of styles and colors so that there is an option for everyone.
  • It helps you stay more balanced compared to a shoulder bag or a tote bag since these types of bags are lightweight and durable. Due to this, fanny packs are perfect for hiking, biking, and other activities where carrying a travel bag is an inconvenience.
  • With a fanny pack, you get plenty of space without having to carry a lot. The bag comes with different compartments that make it easy to carry keys, wallets, phones, and other small essentials.
  • It’s back to fashion with fanny packs! Travelers with a fashion sense love the waist bag again, whether they are at music festivals, on the beach, or anywhere in between.

Things to Consider With Travel Fanny Pack With Water Bottle Holder

When purchasing a fanny pack for your next journey, take into consideration the following:

Belt Length

The size of a fanny pack isn’t the same for everybody. You’ll need to check whether the belt will fit your waist before you purchase as some will have longer belt straps than others.

You will also need to be able to adjust the strap easily if you plan to wear it over your shoulder or across your body.


Fanny packs will accompany you on lots of adventures. As a result, you’ll need it to be lightweight while still strong and durable, and you need it to be able to be wiped down or cleaned when necessary.

There are many fabric options for fanny packs, but you’ll want to choose a fabric strong enough to keep your belongings safe without tearing. Choose leather, polyester, nylon, or cotton fanny packs for the best results.

Anti-Theft and Slash Proof

Anti-theft features and slash-proof materials are common in travel bags. Criminals don’t lessen their risk of getting into your belongings because your fanny pack may be small, but it still poses a risk.

Your credit cards are protected from identity theft by RFID lining, while pickpockets with flick knives cannot steal your belongings with slash-proof materials.

Organization, Pockets, and Water Bottle Holder

Some fanny packs offer more features than others, but not all of them do.

You can find packs that hold your essentials inside a basic pack, but larger and more specialized packs may have pockets, zippered compartments, or mesh holders for carrying your water bottle. Ideal for long hikes, long adventures, or days by the beach.

Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder: FAQs

What is the best material for a fanny pack?

Fanny packs made of nylon can be used to make hiking backpacks with water resistance. Running and biking are also possible with these. A clear, plastic fanny pack may be more appropriate for stadium events. Look for canvas fabrics in fanny packs for everyday use.

Can a water bottle fit in a fanny packs?

It depends on the capacity of your fanny pack and the size of your water bottle.

It’s best to measure before you buy! But typically, a large water bottle won’t be able to fit in most fanny packs. One thing that a lot of people I know to do is use 1 liter or 750-milliliter bottles for their backpacking trip) which means they can keep one inside a strapped backpack and still have room for other essentials big packers might need.

If this is not possible, then you should invest in either an insulated bag or flask sleeve for your regular-size water bottle (we have both at our store).

What are the new fanny packs called?

The waist pack is now called a fanny pack. It wasn’t until recently that they were thought of as fashionable. Back in style are fanny packs!

Are fanny packs good for travel?

You will be more balanced if you carry a fanny pack with water bottle holder as opposed to a shoulder or tote bag. The length and size of a fanny pack make them an ideal travel companion for outdoor activities, sports, and other pursuits where you do not want your bag to cramp your style.

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Final Thought

Keeping your hands free while carrying your essentials is easy with the best fanny pack with water bottle holder. This style is equipped with multiple storage pockets and some even include a compartment for keys, wallets, or mobile phones. When the temperatures rise in the summer, you’ll need something to keep hydrated, so look no further than this alternative to purses, backpacks, and cross-body bags! Our favorite packs have been put together for you for now, so check them out and choose one that’s right for you!

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